The Beginning

We wanted to innovate/create something valuable, which could make difference to the life of its potential users, either from monetary perspective or through ease of effort. With that objective, we came up with several unique ideas over the years and had multiple discussions around them. Growth of online retail/grocery market in India, and multiple players entering the scene, presented us an opportunity. We got attracted towards this industry due to the impact it has on everyday life of consumers, and this lead to conceptualisation of ‘GROPHARM’. The more we discussed about it, the more passionate we became, and here we are, with the concept materialised!

Our Goal

As a consumer favourite, we want to work with the customer to ensure they certainly get the best value for their money spent, most importantly on each and every single grocery purchased. Our unique end-to-end ordering solution for online grocery retail, based on proprietary technology and IP, tremendously enhances the overall experience of grocery shopping, certainly making it more convenient and smoother.

The Future

The world is definitely changing fast, driven by different shopping habits and ever more, advanced technology. Grocery is the largest of all retail segments and is now rapidly moving online. Moreover, the fast growth of shopping using mobile devices opens tremendous opportunities. We are very well positioned to take advantage of these long-term structural trends for the benefit of our customers and partners.